Hackintosh Sierra build with Gigabyte H97M-D3H and GTX 970

Hackintosh Setup

TL; DR: MBA giving way, need a Mac. Hackintosh was my answer. Guide is below in a list form.

Running Mac OS or Linux would be more ideal for a developer because certain applications are only built to support Unix systems, and sure I could make do with alternatives (which was what I was doing). Up till now I’ve been surviving with Homestead and I’ve really gotten accustomed to it. It really is a nice setup, everything is isolated and when I need to do other CPU intensive things, all I need to do is vagrant halt and redis, mysql and nginx/apache is stopped. I did give Laravel Valet a go, it was a Windows port and it was a little buggy so I went back to Homestead. I even installed Ubuntu as a dual boot but a few minutes of using it and I noped right out. It just wasn’t for me and I was plain lazy to learn to use the desktop variant. I’ve been working with a Macbook Air so I’m pretty familiar with Mac OS but I never really got to develop on it. I used to but for a short period only, I loved using Coda and being able to run a second 23″ monitor but eventually my MBA just couldn’t handle the requirements. It got really slow and the battery is giving way. So all I do is use it for web browsing. Read More

Macallan 12 Year Old

Macallan is a distillery from the Speyside of Scotland. The bottle is matured in Sherry Casks from Jurez, Spain. It is an unpeated scotch. The company no longer sells the 12 Year Old and have replaced it with a new line called the 1824 Series. This Macallan 12 Year Old is considered an approachable scotch to try. There is also a Fine Oak variant of this scotch bottled at 10 years old.

Bought this bottle from Herbs N Food for RM 335. It is bottled at 40% ABV, 700ml. Nosing/tasting done in a Glencairn glass.

Nose: Leather, Wood, Ripe Blackberries, Dried Orange Skin
Taste: Smooth, creamy, vanilla, spicy
Finish: Pleasant, no burn, slight spicy after taste
Score: 70/100

This is a great drink but I didn’t find it interesting. Especially compared to the Glenfeddich 12. It’s just too bland and straight forward for my tastes. I’ve been wanting to taste the Macallan 12 ever since my interest in Scotch grew but it was a let down. I haven’t really been exposed to a wide variety of scotches yet, so I’m really unsure what Sherry tastes or smells like. I’m guessing its the sweet wood smell I’m getting. I’m really hopping my bottle was bad (or maybe my palate isn’t experienced enough), so I’ll definitely give it a second try when I get the chance.

Journey to becoming a full-stack web developer

I’ve toyed around a lot with frameworks and different languages but I’ve always wanted to settle down with one language and specialize in one framework. I’ve started loving Laravel more and more ever since I worked on my first large scale application with it. I’ve learned a lot, and there are things that I haven’t yet mastered.

The first is design patterns, I feel they are important. Especially in larger applications, when you need to reuse your code a lot. I’ve already worked with the Repository pattern but there will be times when it isn’t suitable. So my next step would be learning as many design patterns and apply them where they are suitable. I’ve had so many instances where I wanted to add a feature into my application but everything is everywhere and just completely demotivates me. I’m really hopping design patterns and understanding how to code better will help me overcome this.

The next thing I really want to focus on would be security and networking. I’ve always been fascinated by websockets and their ability to create a real-time connection between multiple clients and one server. I know how to use them, through libraries such as socket.io and elephant.io but, I need to go deeper and learn how packets are actually being sent and the protocols used. This would be immensely useful because not all languages have support for websockets. Another thing is security, which is important in many ways. I’ve nailed down SQL injections, XSS attacks and all the other common exploits but I still have much to learn about Linux security.

Finally, I really need to start learning to code proper Javascript, I think it might be worth learning Javascript design patterns too but I would prefer to separate it from PHP design patterns. I know how to use Javascript but I don’t know how to use is efficiently. Being a client-side scripting language, it’s important to keep it optimized so it doesn’t lag the users devices. I have a good understanding on how to use Vue.js but I feel there’s much more to learn about it.

So PHP design patterns, networking & security and Javascript frameworks and I’ll be closer to my goal of becoming a full-stack web developer!

Glenfiddich 12 Year Old

This is my first actual scotch bottle I purchased. My initial decision was to get a Macallan 12 but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to get something much more expensive without being able to drink it neat yet. In the end I decided to just get a cheaper lower-end single malt.

Glenfiddich’s core range is in the 12, 15, 18 and 21 year old variants. The company is owned by William Grand & Sons. Their distillery is located in Dufftown which is in the Speyside region. The 12 year old variant is aged in Oloroso sherry casks and bourbon casks. Fun fact, the brands logo is a symbolic reference to its name which means “Valey of the Deer”.

Purchased a 40% ABV 700ml bottle for RM 198.80 from Herbs N’ Foods Taipan. Nosing and tasting done on a Glencairn glass.

Nose: slight acetone, pear, spices and a little bit of honey
Taste: similar to nosing notes but more spice; a bit of sunflower seeds too
Finish: medium, slight alcohol burn and spicy with pair notes
Score: 75/100

It’s my first review and I’ve only tried very few other scotches (can barely remember what they tasted like), so I’m thinking a 75/100 would do it. My review is also heavily influenced by other reviews on Reddit, Youtube and also the official taste description by Glenfiddich.

My non-existent body clock

I’ve completely wrecked my body’s biological clock by spending late nights wondering about on the internet. I don’t know what is it with me, once I start reading something interesting, I end up in whole other section of the internet. From just reading Laravel documentation to browsing weird memes. Maybe it’s normal but it sure happens a lot.

What I’ve noticed more is that when I’ve pulled an all-nighter doing nothing, I get easily annoyed by random sounds like dog barks, construction, people shouting or even the fan moving. I’ve always wanted to fix my body clock. I’ve read a few articles saying that if I want to reset my body clock I would have to fast till whatever time I wanted to wake up. Then eat a huge meal in-front of sunlight. The idea of fasting sounds easy but actually doing it on an empty stomach in the morning makes it close to impossible.