My non-existent body clock

I’ve completely wrecked my body’s biological clock by spending late nights wondering about on the internet. I don’t know what is it with me, once I start reading something interesting, I end up in whole other section of the internet. From just reading Laravel documentation to browsing weird memes. Maybe it’s normal but it sure happens a lot.

What I’ve noticed more is that when I’ve pulled an all-nighter doing nothing, I get easily annoyed by random sounds like dog barks, construction, people shouting or even the fan moving. I’ve always wanted to fix my body clock. I’ve read a few articles saying that if I want to reset my body clock I would have to fast till whatever time I wanted to wake up. Then eat a huge meal in-front of sunlight. The idea of fasting sounds easy but actually doing it on an empty stomach in the morning makes it close to impossible.

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