Hackintosh Sierra build with Gigabyte H97M-D3H and GTX 970

Hackintosh Setup

TL; DR: MBA giving way, need a Mac. Hackintosh was my answer. Guide is below in a list form.

Running Mac OS or Linux would be more ideal for a developer because certain applications are only built to support Unix systems, and sure I could make do with alternatives (which was what I was doing). Up till now I’ve been surviving with Homestead and I’ve really gotten accustomed to it. It really is a nice setup, everything is isolated and when I need to do other CPU intensive things, all I need to do is vagrant halt and redis, mysql and nginx/apache is stopped. I did give Laravel Valet a go, it was a Windows port and it was a little buggy so I went back to Homestead. I even installed Ubuntu as a dual boot but a few minutes of using it and I noped right out. It just wasn’t for me and I was plain lazy to learn to use the desktop variant. I’ve been working with a Macbook Air so I’m pretty familiar with Mac OS but I never really got to develop on it. I used to but for a short period only, I loved using Coda and being able to run a second 23″ monitor but eventually my MBA just couldn’t handle the requirements. It got really slow and the battery is giving way. So all I do is use it for web browsing. Read More