Journey to becoming a full-stack web developer

I’ve toyed around a lot with frameworks and different languages but I’ve always wanted to settle down with one language and specialize in one framework. I’ve started loving Laravel more and more ever since I worked on my first large scale application with it. I’ve learned a lot, and there are things that I haven’t yet mastered.

The first is design patterns, I feel they are important. Especially in larger applications, when you need to reuse your code a lot. I’ve already worked with the Repository pattern but there will be times when it isn’t suitable. So my next step would be learning as many design patterns and apply them where they are suitable. I’ve had so many instances where I wanted to add a feature into my application but everything is everywhere and just completely demotivates me. I’m really hopping design patterns and understanding how to code better will help me overcome this.

The next thing I really want to focus on would be security and networking. I’ve always been fascinated by websockets and their ability to create a real-time connection between multiple clients and one server. I know how to use them, through libraries such as and but, I need to go deeper and learn how packets are actually being sent and the protocols used. This would be immensely useful because not all languages have support for websockets. Another thing is security, which is important in many ways. I’ve nailed down SQL injections, XSS attacks and all the other common exploits but I still have much to learn about Linux security.

Finally, I really need to start learning to code proper Javascript, I think it might be worth learning Javascript design patterns too but I would prefer to separate it from PHP design patterns. I know how to use Javascript but I don’t know how to use is efficiently. Being a client-side scripting language, it’s important to keep it optimized so it doesn’t lag the users devices. I have a good understanding on how to use Vue.js but I feel there’s much more to learn about it.

So PHP design patterns, networking & security and Javascript frameworks and I’ll be closer to my goal of becoming a full-stack web developer!